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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

13 Question Marks of Horror with Ginger Snaps and Final Destination 3's Jesse Moss

Jesse Moss is a familiar face and voice to horror fans, having starred in the now classic werewolf film, Ginger Snaps as well as appearing in Final Destination 3 (The last good one) and Tucker and Dale VS Evil. This kid has done it all, even voicing a character on one of my personal favorite animated shows, Mummies Alive!

You know what we were gonna talk about so let's get to it. The 13 Question Marks of Horror...

1. You've done a lot of horror and sci-fi over your career already. What film or experience first got you into horror?
         I would say that Ginger Snaps was the first film I did that really got me interested and excited about the genre.  It proved to me that it's still possible to get past the clich├ęs and make a film that is original and intelligent, but that still satisfies the fans.
2.   You've done quite a bit of voice work as well as in front of the camera. What are the differences between acting in for the camera and voiceover work?
         You can go to work in your sweatpants.  No, really the main difference is that with animation you have to rely solely on your vocals.  You can't use body language or facial expressions to convey feeling, you have only your voice.  This usually makes your style of acting much bigger and broader.
  3.      Odd question for you. I am a fan of Mummies Alive. In the wacky world we live in, do you think that that would make a decent live-action film in which you consider being in it after all these years?
         Oh yeah! With the CGI that is available now it could definitely be done. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows, so I would love to see it more in the vein of that. Geared to more of an adult audience and playing on some of the darker aspects of the show.
   4.      You starred with Katharine Isabelle in what is now considered a werewolf classic, Ginger Snaps. What can you tell me about making that film?
         It was a great time.  We shot on location just outside of Toronto.  It's always fun to shoot in another city.  Location vacation as we say.  There was a great energy on set with John Fawcett at the helm.  It was a young cast and we all really got along.  Katie Isabelle is one of my best friends to this day.
   5.       You also did Final Destination 3 with fellow Ginger Snaps alum Kris Lemche. As an actor do you find it more difficult to work on effects driven films or does that environment not really affect your performance?
         That environment doesn't really affect me.  If the effects are live then it can really help, and if you're dealing with a green screen situation then you just have to rely on your instincts and imagination.  But that's what acting is all about anyway.
    6.      You’ve also done a lot of TV over the years. Which environment do you enjoy more?
         If you're on a television series, then that can be a lot of fun.  You're with the same people day in and day out for six to eight months straight, so you really form a strong bond.  You become like a family.  Day to day shooting though, I prefer film.  You're not trying to shoot as many pages in a day, so you can take your time and really get into the work.
    7.     Let's talk Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Have you been surprised by how much success that film has had?
         I'm not surprised.  The script was hilarious.  Then you have Alan and Tyler leading the way.  It was a recipe for success.
    8.       It seems like a fun film to do. Considering Alan Tudyk is in it, was there a lot of joking around on set?
         There was.  Both Alan and Tyler are very funny as individuals but when you get them together it takes on a whole new level.  They would often do a dialogue series with their one liners.  Each take would be funnier than the last.  It was great to watch.  Also, many of us "college kids" were friends from before the shoot so that makes for a very easy going atmosphere. 
    9.       Let's flip the coin and talk about Dear Mr. Gacy. The intensity of the subject matter can be overwhelming. How did you prepare for that film?
         Yeah, it was a very dark film and ultimately a tough one to shake off.  I read as much as I could about John Wayne Gacy to try to understand who Jason was dealing with.  To try to understand Jason's psyche, I researched bi-polar disorder and obsession.
    10.       Was it difficult to play someone who has lived and ultimately took their own life?
         Whenever you play someone who actually existed you have a certain responsibility to them and their family.  We didn't have much info on Jason other than his book The Last Victim, but we tried to stay as truthful as we could.  Knowing that he tragically took his own life in the end certainly gave me insight into the kind of demons Jason was dealing with.
   11.       William Forsythe seems intimidating and brings such power to his scenes. Did you meet with him before the day of shooting or was it more of a method situation.
         William is a very serious and committed actor, and it shows in his work.  We had met before and discussed the scene, but he definitely kept me at an arms length and stayed true to his character.
    12.       It seems that you have a zombie film coming up as well called 13 Eerie. What can you tell me about that film without giving too much away?
         I can tell you that we're a group of forensic students that get in over their heads when they go to study real corpses for a final exam.  It's very creepy with a lot of action.  These aren't your ordinary zombies.  It's also Katherine Isabelle and mine's first film together since Ginger Snaps.
  13.       You seem quite comfortable working within the genre. Can we look forward to more from you in the future?
         Most definitely.  I'm a fan of the genre myself so I'm always looking for the next one I can sink my teeth into.
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